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Ten Tasks to Delegate

When I meet fellow business owners at networking events, most of them will say they are too busy.  Some haven't heard of virtual assistants and once I explain the benefits of using a VA, they are interested, but scratch their heads and say, 'what can I outsource?' ...

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The Bottom Step

I had a friend years ago who used to fall out with her husband about the Bottom Step.  What happened was the post would arrive, he would open it, look at it and then shove it back in the envelope and put it on the bottom step in the hallway where it malingered for...

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Feeling overwhelmed? STOP!

    Feeling Overwhelmed?  STOP! You set up your small business to do more of what you love.  You wanted more say in when and how long you worked, to spend more time with the family or doing the things you enjoy.  Instead you’re up early, finishing late,...

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Do you need admin help? And if so, what kind?

Do you need admin help?  If so, what kind? When I’m about and about meeting people at networking events, they often aren’t sure what a Virtual Assistant (VA) does or how one could help them.  They know they're drowning in paperwork but just keep battling on. You may...

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Poor cash flow? Get paid on time Part 2

Getting Paid on  Time - Part 2 Part 2 of our how to get paid on time guide Invoices Sounds obvious, but make sure you state your client’s full business name and address on your invoice.  Your invoices should be absolutely clear as to what sum is to be paid, by what...

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Poor cash flow? Get paid on time Part 1

Get paid on time Part 1 Let’s face it, most of us small business owners have had the experience of a late or non payer.  As well as being extremely disappointing and frustrating, it can have serious consequences for small businesses, often meaning that they are unable...

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Homeworking – make your workspace work for you

Homeworking - make your workspace work for you For anyone who’s worked perched at the end of the kitchen table surrounded by day to day paraphernalia, you’ll know how great it is to have a separate space to set up your home office. But how to make the best of the...

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Things a VA can do to help YOU

Things a VA can do to help YOU Although the idea of remote working and outsourcing is becoming more popular, I still meet a lot of people who don't know what a virtual assistant does.  I always say that anything a personal assistant can do except I won't be sitting in...

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