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Thank you!We all know that gathering testimonials is important – we can use them on our website and social media and they are great to put in front of potential clients.  So we win some work and get the job done, but before we know it, several months have gone by and we’ve forgotten (or don’t have time) to ask the client to write a short paragraph singing our praises…

This was just the problem faced by Karl Craig-West of Buzz Website Design.  He had a bunch of clients to get testimonials from and knew it was important, but somehow it just kept dropping to the bottom of the do list.  That’s where Key VA came in. Karl gave me a list of clients and we agreed I would make some initial telephone calls with a short set of questions for clients to answer.  To make it as easy as possible for them, I would put their answers into a short paragraph and email over for them to approve before passing on to Karl to use on his website and social media.  This worked very well and Karl now has nine great testimonials he can start using straightaway.  That’s nine more than he would have had, had he let the project keep slipping through the cracks!

Here’s what Karl had to say about the work Key VA did:

“Jacqui is absolutely brill. She has managed to take on the task of asking clients for testimonials.
I could have done it myself but didn’t have time to do it justice (didn’t actually want to do it either).
The feedback she’s garnered from our clients has been great.  Huge thanks Jacqui, without you this task would still be waiting on our to-do list.  We’re now looking for more tasks for Jacqui to do for us.” – Karl Craig-West, Buzz Website Design

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