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As a virtual assistant I often get asked what tools I use to maximise productivity and efficiency.  The answer is lots, as I work with software that clients use, but I have my favourites to get things done day to day.  Here’s my top five – if you haven’t already tried them, give them a go – maybe they can help you too.


The best online to do list software I’ve found so far – and I’ve tried lots!  Easy to use and clear… you can add tasks manually as well as forward emails with attachments and keep your actual inbox tidy, without having to trawl through it to try and find things.  Simply mark with a priority and tick off as you go.

Fences for Windows

Peer over the shoulder of a laptop user in a coffee shop and you may see all sorts of chaos on their desktops – thousands of folders, documents, shortcuts… what a mess!  For me it’s a case of tidy desktop, tidy mind!  With Fences you can organise all your documents, pictures, videos, programs and so on into zones… now doesn’t that look better!  It’s free for a 30 day trial and then $10.  Hardly breaking the bank but keeping your desktop tidy and your sanity intact!


Capsule CRM

There are lots of CRMs out there.  For some of them (usually the most expensive) you need a degree in rocket science AND particle physics to find your way around…   If you are after an intuitive, easy to use and cost effective CRM, try Capsule.  Really easy to import and export data and segment your clients and contacts easily without any complicated wrangling.  It’s free for up to 200 contacts and £8 a month thereafter.


My go to place for stock photography.  It’s really important to make sure you don’t fall foul of copyright issues – there have been cases of Getty Images charging folk thousands of dollars for unauthorised use of their photos.  There are lots of good images available for free on Pixabay or you can make a donation on a pay as you feel basis if you’re feeling generous.


Want to design great looking infographics, flyers, icons and so on, but don’t have the design know how?  Canva is a simple to use, drag and drop design tool with lots of free templates and layouts to easily make eye catching infographics, posters, postcards, ads and more.  The free version gives you access to over 8,000 templates or you can upgrade which allows you access to more tools and more templates for about a tenner a month. 

What are your top tools for getting stuff done?  I’d love to know.  Leave a comment below!





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