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Desk top - getting organised for the year ahead!Well, here we are, 2018 is nearly upon us! 2017 has been a challenging one for me with an unexpected and major operation in September and while I bounced back really well, I was ready for a few days off!   Once the crackers have all been cracked and there’s only a few meagre scraps left on the turkey, my thoughts turn to getting organised for the year ahead – a sort out and a fresh start – rather like that first page of the new exercise book on your first day back at school.   It’s also a great time to  think about what I’ve achieved over the last year and what I want to do in the year ahead.

There are many books out there that can help you get organised or maybe help you change the way you look at things and gain (or re-gain) focus. Here are a few of my favourites:

Do It! Or Ditch It – Bev James
‘Turn ideas into action and that decisions that count.’ Eight simple steps to teach you how to focus on ideas that work, ditch those that steal time and distract from the bigger picture and get better at what you do. For start-ups and old business hands alike.

Achieve the Impossible – Prof. Greg Whyte
‘How to overcome challenges and gain success in life, work and sport.’  I like this one as it’s coming from a sporting angle – being a keen runner, it appeals to me. Greg has helped numerous celebrities to do super-challenging things – remember David Walliams swimming the channel and Davina McCall’s 500 mile endurance challenge?  Greg believes we can all achieve great things by taking a structured approach with attention to detail.  Very inspiring.

The One Minute To Do List – Michael Linenberger
‘Quickly get your chaos under control.’  To do lists – believe me, I’ve tried all ways of doing it from various apps to different forms of paper based lists. This appeals to me as it enables you to track all your jobs without letting anything slip through the cracks and help you stop thinking everything must be done NOW!

Mindfulness Plain and Simple – Oli Doyle
‘When you make the simple but dramatic shift into the present moment, you will find more focus, effectiveness and clarity than you ever thought possible.’  I’ve practised meditation for a while now but this helps you to focus on the present moment – really useful when trying to juggle a busy work day. And I sleep better, too.

Here’s to a happy and successful New Year for all of us.

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