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Niggly admin tasks getting in the way of what you really want or need to do? DELEGATE 


If you think that delegating is a waste of money, think again.  Say your hourly rate is £60, and you are spending it doing admin and other tasks that aren’t generating income, you aren’t bringing any profit in, are you?  Set this off against an assistant on an hourly rate of say £25.  You’re getting the tasks done and getting on with bringing in income.  You really do have to think about the value of your time.  Time is money, as they say!

So why not try delegating – get the niggly tasks done AND get on with what you need to get on with.  It’s a win-win.

Letting go

Some folk believe that if they want something done properly, they’ll have to do it themselves.  This is common but it’s about learning to trust and let go.  You are more likely to get good results from delegating by  giving a clear brief so don’t scrimp on instructions. Perhaps start with some easy, low priority tasks to get you feeling more comfortable about delegating and build on that.  

Delegate, don’t dump

Avoid just dumping grotty jobs on people and then leaving them to it.  Do give support to people you delegate tasks to and make sure you give them clear instructions and plenty of opportunity to ask questions, no matter how small or daft they might seem.  Offer feedback to help your assistant get the task done as well as possible.

Delegating down

The things that don’t require your specific specialist knowledge can be delegated or outsourced.  For example, setting up a Mailchimp template and newsletter, updating a CRM, researching restaurants in London, buying tickets for a conference….   you can pass this to someone else while you get on with business development/strategy/talking to clients and so on.  If you haven’t got anyone to help, hire someone, either a full-time or part-time employee, a temp or a virtual assistant – see my other blog article on which sort of help is best for you.

Delegating up

You can also delegate tasks that do require specialist knowledge that you might not have yourself.  Do you do your own tax return but take ages and ages over it and then worry if you have got it right?  You can pay someone to do that while you get on with something else (and sleep easier at night).

Next time:  How to stay focused

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