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A while ago I met a business contact who said his company had changed to Gmail and he hated it – he couldn’t find anything! Well, did you know that Gmail actually has some rather powerful search tools – you just need to know where to find them.  This was put to the test for me today when I had go back through a client’s Gmail account to find emails from a particular person with attachments.   If  you just type in the person’s name eg Fred Smith, you’ll get everything ever mentioning Fred plus what appears to be loads of random stuff besides

How to search Gmail and find things.

From your Gmail account, click the little down arrow in the Google search bar to show the advanced search box.

You can choose to search all email or just your inbox, sent items and so on.

Here you have lots of search options to help you find what you need.

Sender – find messages from a particular person or organisation
Recipient – search for messages sent to a particular person or organisation
Subject – search for messages about a particular topic
Body of Messages – search the body of messages for key word(s)
Attachments – drill down to search only messages with an attachment
Chats – you can exclude these from your search criteria
Size – look for messages that are larger than a given size
Date – look for messages falling within a chosen timeframe

Watch this space for more Gmail and Google tips in future!

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