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If like me you have tried lots of to do list formats and none of them quite work, give The One Minute To do List a try. It’s really simple and based on splitting your list into three sections and then reviewing regularly.  You can use the system on paper or digitally.

Get The One Minute to Do List pdf here

The categories are- critical to be done today – opportunity, or do if you get chance and certainly within the next week and over the horizon, which means the task can wait ten days or more.   The author says it’s important to review your list throughout the day, adjusting as you work.  If you want to keep your list digitally, he recommends a site called Toodledo, which I’ve started using.

It has honestly made my working day a lot easier and simpler. It’s free (you can get a paid version with fancy bells and whistles if you want) and segregates your tasks into high, medium and low, and you can even email tasks from your email account to Toodledo where it will appear in your list with the full text of the message, and you can add attachments.  This is great for two reasons, your list is all in one place and you can keep your inbox clear without having to trawl through it looking for things you might have missed.   Plus you can search back over completed tasks if you need to.

Check out Toodledo here.

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