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When I meet fellow business owners at networking events, most of them will say they are too busy.  Some haven’t heard of virtual assistants and once I explain the benefits of using a VA, they are interested, but scratch their heads and say, ‘what can I outsource?’  This will be different from business to business, but a good VA will work with you to identify the tasks you can offload and which will save you valuable time to get on with other things.

If you’re wanting to shed some work but are in need of inspiration, here’s a quick list of tasks that are easy to delegate to your VA while you get on with fee earning or growing your business:

Market research, competitor research, goods and services research – we’ve done a wide variety!

File notes, minutes, reports, letters, invoices, dissertations, blogs, video blogs, HR meetings such as disciplinary hearings and more…

When you’re working on a long document it’s easy to miss things.  Another pair of eyes can scan through carefully to avoid embarrassing typos or grammar errors.

Managing contacts – database set up and maintenance
Do you come away from networking or client meetings with a clutch of business cards which then gather dust on your desk?  Your VA can add them to your contacts list in your email account and to a spreadsheet or CRM such as Capsule so that you can use them for targeted marketing, track sales and more.

Creating presentations
Fed up of wrestling with PowerPoint?  Want your presentations in a consistent, professional format?  Your VA can do this as well as source images that will help to put your message across (no more dodgy clip art!) and avoid the dreaded ‘death by Powerpoint’ endless bulleted lists.

Social and Personal Tasks
Sometimes when you’re busy your social life can get a bit neglected.  Just a few examples of the things we’ve done – research and book restaurants, theatre tickets, shopping, obtaining insurance quotes, booking medical appointments, booking a colonic irrigation… who said being a VA was dull?

Managing your inbox
Need help unsubscribing from newsletters you never read?  Or deleting junk or simply filing into a simple action, read and for info system?  Need a folder structure creating for clients and suppliers?   Make sure you never miss anything important again – and find things when you want them.

Hotel and Flight Booking
Need help looking for a hotel for business or leisure and associated travel?  As we all know this can be a time consuming process.  Let us help and come up with a list of options for you to choose from and then…

Travel Itineraries
…once everything is booked  your VA can provide a simple and clear itinerary with booking references, timings, maps and other details so you are clear on what you are doing when.

Organising events and meetings
If you need help coordinating diaries to get a meeting arranged, we can help, as well as book meeting rooms and refreshments.

So why not give us a call today and get some time back to do what you do best?


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