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Things a VA can do to help YOU

Although the idea of remote working and outsourcing is becoming more popular, I still meet a lot of people who don’t know what a virtual assistant does.  I always say that anything a personal assistant can do except I won’t be sitting in the office next door and I can’t water your plants or make your coffee!

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Some clients have a very good idea of what they want to outsource, others know they need help but aren’t sure what they can pass on.  Before we start working with you, we at Key Virtual Assistance will spend some time finding out about your business and what it is we can do to make your life easier.

Why not take some inspiration from our list – we’ve done all of these things for satisfied clients since we’ve been in business:

  • Industry research – we can dig out those facts and figures you need on competitors or suppliers.
  • Product research – we can find products based on the criteria you give us whether it be price, quality, design, functionality and so on.
  • Blogs and newsletters – give us a list of topics and we can put together blogs and articles for your newsletters.  Or let us set up a professional template with your logo and corporate colours and text and send out your newsletters using software that will allow you to track who’s opening and clicking, and dealing effectively with unsubscribes.
  • Reminders – don’t forget important dates whether they be business or personal.
  • Bill paying – keep forgetting to pay bills or hate doing it?  Outsource it to your virtual assistant.
  • Calendar management – save time on setting up appointments.
  • Online shopping – Grocery shopping or researching and shopping for other items.
  • Event planning – planning a party or a big meal out?  We can research and book locations, send out invites, answer guests’ questions and log all responses, so all you have to do is enjoy yourself.
  • Travel arrangements – trains, planes and automobiles.  We can do the research, make the bookings and provide you with a detailed itinerary.
  • Email assistance – let us help ease your workload by deleting rubbish, filing your emails in an easy to manage system, and respond where appropriate.
  • Networking research – looking for a networking group?  Or get invited to lots and don’t get time to respond?  We can help you find the right networking group for you and manage your responses to invites.
  • Following up – let us follow up on outstanding requests and tasks.
  • Data entry – time consuming and repetitive – you could be doing other things while we get on with this, whether it’s a simple spreadsheet, a cloud based system or setting up and maintaining your CRM.
  • Updating your WordPress website – need your blog updating or new offers adding?  We can help with this.
  • Direct mail campaigns – we can mail merge your marketing letters with your contact lists, print and post.  Think how much time that will save you!

That’s just a few of the things we have done to help our clients save time – giving them time back to get on with what’s important to them and what they enjoy.   We can help you too!


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