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Virtual Research Services

Haven’t got time to trawl the internet for hours?  Looking for some specific information on competitors, suppliers, products, services or market info?

Let Key VA do the hard work for you.

Key Virtual Research Services

Let Key Virtual Research Services do the endless trawling and compilation?

Virtual Research Services could save you hours if you’re trying to compile and collate information.

We can research all of the above and present it in the format you need – whether that’s report format, spreadsheet, Word or in PowerPoint slides.

Here are just some of the research projects we’ve done recently:

  • Weather station information in specified countries
  • Holiday resorts in the Canary Islands
  • Completion of competitor analysis matrix
  • Listing competitors within a specified area
  • Services offered by letting agents in a specified area
  • Finding competitive swimming events across the country

As you can see, we get asked to do all sorts.

So why not let us free up a couple of hours for you to get on with something else?

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